Riced Veggie Cuisine

We have blended our grain free Riced Medley (Edamame, Cauliflower & Sweet Potato) with plant based proteins, veggies, and authentic flavors from around the world to bring you delicious meatless entrees.

Chick'n Tikka Masala

Chick'n Tikka Masala9 oz. Entrée

Buddha Un-Fried Rice

Buddha Un-Fried Rice9 oz. Entrée

Chick'n Moroccan Stew

Chick'n Moroccan Stew9 oz. Entrée

Saus'age & Peppers

Saus'age & Peppers9 oz. Entrée

Seapoint Farms Riced Veggies are 100% grain free, gluten free and packed with plant based protein. Enjoy them on their own or replace traditional rice in any of your favorite dishes.

Riced Edamame

Riced Edamame10 oz. Bag

Riced Medley

Riced Medley12 oz. Bag