About Lentils

Lentils naturally cater to a variety of specialty diets, including gluten-free, vegetarian and allergen- friendly.

Lentils can be considered both a protein and a vegetable. Mighty Lil’ Lentils are rich in dietary fiber and boast 5g of Plant Based Protein per serving.

Lentil crops need very little water and don’t require chemical fertilizer or burning between growing seasons. They’re a whole food source with a low carbon footprint and have a low reliance on fossil fuels.

Most of the world’s lentils grow in Canada, India, and Australia.

They are loaded with potassium, folate, iron and fiber.

Lentils have been around for more than 10,000 years. They’re a major food source in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries. Historians report that they were found in the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians in 2400BC.

When served with a grain, such as rice, lentils make a complete protein. They can be a replacement for meat.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bag… Enjoy Life… Eat Well!

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